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As a custom development and software sourcing company, RME Enterprises strives to bring your business the power and efficiency that larger companies have spent thousands in research and development to obtain. With our dedicated staff and experienced programmers, we can provide you and your company with a quality product or a unique solution that will increase productivity -- and provide at very competitive prices.

RME has been a provider of business and technology solutions with a strong focus offering an integrated suite of services since 1984.

RME enables clients to realize the full value of their technology investments through the design, development and implementation of innovative solutions that fuel growth and profitability.

Our combination of strong technical expertise and extensive industry knowledge drives RME’s ability to bring effective and efficient solutions to the critical business challenges of our clients resulting in a powerful competitive advantage in existing markets, development of new markets and accelerated delivery of products and services.

We have experience with Lean Engineering, Keizen principles and business process reengineering. We have listened to our customers and included their requirements and integrated them into their products.

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RME Enterprises has years of process reengineering experience in assisting small and medium sized businesses. Let us help you with your project to stay competitive.

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Contract Payroll Accounting System - This highly integrated software reduces your Contracting operating expenses by tightly integrating the payroll and invoicing for your contracts. Enter the hours into the contracting module and it automatically generates invoices and posts the hours into the payroll module in one step. The payroll module can even incorporate your digital signature on the checks.


Website design - complete setup and design of websites for our customers, handling all tasks from beginning to end

Some of our projects:





Custom Programming - specializing in Clarion 4GL coding, further reducing your development costs and time to market

Business Process Reengineering - we look at the big picture to take advantage of your processes and reduce the non value added steps

PC repair and debugging - we perform diagnosis and repair of pc's and laptops, getting you productive and online

eCommerce design, automating, setup - we have automated websites for ecommerce business that generate ecommerce web sites automatically using your data, making maintenance simple

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